The Return of Pay What You Want (including Free) and other news.

Yes, the title is correct, and the best way to do this is to move back to!

The suggested prices will be slightly cheaper than Fastspring, and that will remain an option, mainly because I can’t be bothered cancelling that particular account. will be the preferred mode of download and purchase however.

I have noticed that no-ones even visited the home page, so I’m gonna start a marketing campaign, word of mouth of course.

Also, in other news, we have a new Lead Artist from India, named Arthish Banerjee. The 13 year old whiz kid has shown great promise as an artist doing some contract work, so we’ve signed him on a semi-permanent basis!

Also, I have had a lack of ideas and will to program, but with the return of, that’ll soon change! 😀


I'm a 20-year-old journalist from the Yarra Valley who also moonlights as an author, ex-musician, and hobbyist programmer.

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