The Stadium Project V1.4.0 Change Log + Big News

Well, 1.4.0 is now in the wild, I’ve changed the interface a little bit, not too much, it’s more tweaking and such, and there’s a few new features.


  • Bug that could allow building to level 41 instead of 40.
  • Bug occurring in new versions of GameMaker: Studio that would click things multiple times (Dev issue, not noticable)


  • Bankruptcy, with game over screen.
  • Winning screen when max level achieved.
  • Level indicators on stands.

You can download the new update here.

Now for the big news. We’re coming to Steam Greenlight! We already have a greenlight up, but it is only a concept, as we wanted to test the waters before entering, and the feedback’s been okay, so I’m willing to pony up the $100 to get on properly, after I make a few more changes.

I considered spending the money on going to Android, but that market is very diluted and fragmented and it’s involved in a race to the bottom. No smartphone user would ever pay more than 99c for a game. We intend on making TSP $5 on Steam, and as such, the next major update will not be released on, instead, it will be withheld for the Steam release, but if it looks like it’ll never happen, I will make TSP a minimum pay-what-you-want of $2 and upload the new version.

I hope you can vote f0r us on Steam Greenlight within the next few weeks, but until then, we’ll see you later.

P.S: The old greenlight is available here for your consumption and comments.



I'm a 20-year-old journalist from the Yarra Valley who also moonlights as an author, ex-musician, and hobbyist programmer.

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