It’s time for a new era, it’s time for Unity!

Well, I’ve decided to abandon Game Maker: Studio. While it’s a decent game engine for the newbie game developer/programmer, I noticed I was using way more code than the blocks provided. That, combined with the fact that it only makes 2D games has made me want to try something else. With my coding skills improving, and my imminent enrolment into a 3D Animation course, I’m moving game engine to Unity3D, a free engine used by AAA and Indie studios alike.

I intend to use the Asset Store to buy some game assets, like models and such, to attempt to create a prototype to learn the engine, and then move on to a fully featured game. I am unsure of what genre to develop for, but sports jumps out at me.

Also, we recieved our first review of The Stadium Project, which seemed pretty scathing when translated from German to English, but I was talking to the developer, and he thinks it needs more work, and that the scathing remarks were not the intention.

Anyway, Arthish still works for us, and we still have our email server up, so hopefully things improve!


I'm a 20-year-old journalist from the Yarra Valley who also moonlights as an author, ex-musician, and hobbyist programmer.

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