About Us

We are a small independent mobile games developer based in Healesville, Australia who are dedicated to brining fun games to your phone.

We consist of one developer/designer/CEO, one artist and a few advisors.

James-Robert Knight, CEO / Lead Programmer / Lead Designer

James is a 17 year old guy with Asperger’s Syndrome who has a penchant for fantasy, writing, music and programming. He founded Jarokn Games after realizing that his latest game, Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear needed someone to own it.

Arthish Banerjee, Lead Artist

Arthish is a 13 year old from India, who is well versed in Photoshop, he and James met through the online game NationStates, after chatting for 5 hours on the NS Sports IRC channel. He likes sports and video games and has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Payge Hodgkison, Chief Creative Officer

Not much is known about Payge, apart from he’s 13, goes to James-Robert’s school and is also an Aspie. He rarely uses the internet, preferring to take a backseat and offer creative advice when he gets the chance.

Our mailing address is:
17 Ayres Road
VIC 3777 Australia

Contact email: support [at] jarokngames.com

2 comments on “About Us
  1. Wub Ba says:

    I feel that barb following the email address is offensive to us reptillians.

    • James-Robert Corken Knight says:

      Ahh shit, sorry man. Should have remembered the reptillians and anthros, being one myself. heh

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