Goings on in Jarokn Games HQ!

It’s been ages since I last posted.

Time to get this site back on track!


Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear recieved a major usability update as well as stats tracking, leaderboards and achievements, which is good.

I released Jarokn Cricket, a cricket simulator, which has had more downloads than the Teddy Bear game!

I also experimented with a few different languages too.

Now I’ve started a BountySource campaign to open source Jarokn Cricket! It’s available at https://www.bountysource.com/fundraisers/488-open-sourcing-jarokn-cricket


All in all, it’s been a busy month, and a lazy few before that! lol

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Open Source, App-Make-Inator and what it means to you!

From now on, my games and software will both be released as open source software, however, all apps will cost 99c.


I have found two awesome software creators. lunduke.com‘s App-make-inator, which makes HTML5 app building as easy as clipping some blocks together, and PhoneGap, which converts HTML5 into Android and other assorted phone apps.


However, open source is required for more than one app, and as many people probably do not know how to use a compiler, I figured I’ll keep the source free, and charge 99c for the binaries. I am using the MIT license for this purpose.

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Work Experience: Days 2 to 4 of 10

Day 2 didn’t happen, as I had a psychiatrist appointment.


Day 3 was a shambles, we couldn’t get any computers re-imaged apart from 2 as we had server issues left, right and centre! We ended up transferring Windows Deployment Services from a virtual server named Raven to a physical server named Funnelweb, and it worked like a charm since!

Mark, my supervisor and the head of IT, also gave me an old computer that was used in the school before the rebuild, I will have details on that shortly. We also had a busy day with student laptops.


Day 4 we’ve all computers done bar 5, they will be done tomorrow. Very quiet day today so far.

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New animals coming to Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear

Alright! I’m adding three more animals to Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear, they are a snake, a dog and a horse.

I will probably draw these in the same style as the current animals, and they should be in the next update.

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Work Experience: Day 1 of 10

Right, so I’m doing some Year 10 work experience with my school computer technician, Mark for the next two weeks.

It’s just after lunch here, and I’m just waiting for 4 more computers to re-image before I work on the next 4, having done 11 of 25 already. Overall, it’s been slightly boring. It’s a waiting game, really.

But we did do one thing before that, we found out that one of the hard drives on the library backup server had died, and we grabbed one out, it still worked, so we ended up having to grab the whole server and bring it to the tech office to test. Two more drives and we found the one. It just failed to power on.

We ended up putting a 2TB drive in place of the old 1TB one, and we’re now mirroring the main drive’s partitions onto it and the other half we’ll turn into another backup area, it’s still re-synchronizing.

I’d better go check the computers and see if they’ve finished stage 1.


Overall, I like this job!

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Facebook features removed due to rejection.

Earlier today, Facebook rejected Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear, meaning that it will never have activities visible to other users, so I have had no other choice but to remove the Facebook features.

This means that achievements and social high scores lists have been removed.

I do apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but rest assured we are planning on a new social experience.

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Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear released for free!

Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear has been released for free on Google Play, originally it was 99 cents, but Paid apps don’t sell as well as free apps get ad revenue, which is why I changed.

The app can be found at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jarokn.games.donttouchmyteddybear

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