The Timeless Battle Announcement

Jarokn Games would like to announce their first RPG game, where you embark on a mission to unseat the Dark Lord from his throne, spanning many years and many generations, all with your legacy living on. Level up and spend gold to get the best weapons and armor and then destroy the Dark Lord slowly and surely in an incremental fashion!

It may be preordered at and will release on December 11th 2015.

Gameplay footage can be found at

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It’s time for a new era, it’s time for Unity!

Well, I’ve decided to abandon Game Maker: Studio. While it’s a decent game engine for the newbie game developer/programmer, I noticed I was using way more code than the blocks provided. That, combined with the fact that it only makes 2D games has made me want to try something else. With my coding skills improving, and my imminent enrolment into a 3D Animation course, I’m moving game engine to Unity3D, a free engine used by AAA and Indie studios alike.

I intend to use the Asset Store to buy some game assets, like models and such, to attempt to create a prototype to learn the engine, and then move on to a fully featured game. I am unsure of what genre to develop for, but sports jumps out at me.

Also, we recieved our first review of The Stadium Project, which seemed pretty scathing when translated from German to English, but I was talking to the developer, and he thinks it needs more work, and that the scathing remarks were not the intention.

Anyway, Arthish still works for us, and we still have our email server up, so hopefully things improve!

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The Stadium Project V1.4.0 Change Log + Big News

Well, 1.4.0 is now in the wild, I’ve changed the interface a little bit, not too much, it’s more tweaking and such, and there’s a few new features.


  • Bug that could allow building to level 41 instead of 40.
  • Bug occurring in new versions of GameMaker: Studio that would click things multiple times (Dev issue, not noticable)


  • Bankruptcy, with game over screen.
  • Winning screen when max level achieved.
  • Level indicators on stands.

You can download the new update here.

Now for the big news. We’re coming to Steam Greenlight! We already have a greenlight up, but it is only a concept, as we wanted to test the waters before entering, and the feedback’s been okay, so I’m willing to pony up the $100 to get on properly, after I make a few more changes.

I considered spending the money on going to Android, but that market is very diluted and fragmented and it’s involved in a race to the bottom. No smartphone user would ever pay more than 99c for a game. We intend on making TSP $5 on Steam, and as such, the next major update will not be released on, instead, it will be withheld for the Steam release, but if it looks like it’ll never happen, I will make TSP a minimum pay-what-you-want of $2 and upload the new version.

I hope you can vote f0r us on Steam Greenlight within the next few weeks, but until then, we’ll see you later.

P.S: The old greenlight is available here for your consumption and comments.


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The Return of Pay What You Want (including Free) and other news.

Yes, the title is correct, and the best way to do this is to move back to!

The suggested prices will be slightly cheaper than Fastspring, and that will remain an option, mainly because I can’t be bothered cancelling that particular account. will be the preferred mode of download and purchase however.

I have noticed that no-ones even visited the home page, so I’m gonna start a marketing campaign, word of mouth of course.

Also, in other news, we have a new Lead Artist from India, named Arthish Banerjee. The 13 year old whiz kid has shown great promise as an artist doing some contract work, so we’ve signed him on a semi-permanent basis!

Also, I have had a lack of ideas and will to program, but with the return of, that’ll soon change! 😀

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Partnering through Fastspring

You may have noticed that we now have purchase links and pages for our PC games. This is because we have partnered with Fastspring to bring you fast downloads and good sales.

There is just one problem with this. We must now charge money to download our games, as unfortunate as that is, it is for the benefit of the company and the benefit of our future games. The Stadium Project now costs $2.50 USD, while Jarokn Cricket 2 is yet to be priced.

I hope we can garner a few more sales and reach for the stars, as we are working on the design phase for a couple of things, which will remain unannounced.

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The Stadium Project V1.3.0 Update Log

Well, another few days, yet another update to your favourite simple stadium building game. Here’s the log from V1.2.0.


  • Stands being a pixel or two off alignment. (My fault, was being too conservative with placement)
  • Stand building always saying money not available when there is enough, yet still building. (Due to blocks or something not being declared, some strange GM:S feature)
  • West stand never saying money not available, even when it is. (Due to copypasted code not being changed.)


  • Floating ticket prices i.e capacity divided by 1,000.
  • Maintenance costs, which are taken out of daily profit, very random at this point, may stay that way.
  • Better profit display and profit handling code. (Major cleanup and merging)


  • Location of Capacity on Stadium Screen. (Done to hopefully allow room for mobile ads once Android is built.)

As always, you can download it as a pay-what-you-want-including-free at

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Blog’s not dead yet!

Well, the blog isn’t dead yet, and neither’s the company!I bought Game Maker: Studio, so I can make games much faster now.

I’ve been working on The Stadium Project, a simple stadium building game. It’s fun, and free, with a name your price system.


Soon to be released is Jarokn Cricket 2, the sequel to my failed mobile cricket game.

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